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Unique Back-to-School Teacher Gift Ideas with Simply Spoken's Bundle Boxes

Updated: Apr 8

Back to school colored graphic
It's that time!

It's that time of year when students all over the country are getting ready to go back to school including the most important people our teachers! Usually, we prepare by buying new clothing, backpacks, lunch pails, and trendy new sneakers. It's the best time of the year because we get to wear and use all of our new items. Simply Spoken decided to come up with an idea to reverse the roles and gift your Teacher with new items for them instead while we honor those amazing teachers. We came up with bundle boxes our boxes are filled with essential items for your favorite teacher such as a great mug to drink their morning coffee from, a printed T-shirt that will showcase your appreciation for the teacher, and some other great items such as tote bags, keychains, and badge reels.

We offer two different-sized boxes that suit two great price points and are designed around the person you are shopping for. Our first Teacher Bundle box is called the "Teacher Appreciation Bundle Box" This is our smaller bundle box, which includes a 15 Fl oz coffee mug, a high-quality printed T-shirt on our favorite soft-style Gildan tee, a badge reel, and a beaded fun metal pen. printed with high-quality, commercial print. Our second offered bundle box is our "Teacher's Survival Bundle Box."This box includes a printed t-shirt always on our soft-style Gildan collection, a 15fl oz coffee mug with a high-quality commercial print, a 100% cotton tote bag with a printed teacher design great for your teacher to carry small items such as their lunch, notebooks, pens, and accessories, it also comes with a badge reel, metal beaded pen, a teacher keychain to keep their keys safe and secured, finally some great vinyl teacher stickers, that they can put on their laptop, notebooks, or just to keep as a memory! All of these come packed in a great gift box all ready to be given to your favorite teacher! 

Please note that each box's items will remain the same the prints will always be changing and be chosen at random due to high demand. We love to offer different styles and designs to our customers. Change is our goal to offer fresh new prints and we love to change things up with the seasons and holidays as they near with fun, new designs. 

Each item Simply Spoken makes is handmade. This is a great way to show support to a small business. You will also be able to gift your favorite teacher with items that are unique and that are made by an amazing small business owner. The idea of supporting two awesome people is priceless. Many don't realize small businesses work closely with their customers to create, design, and complete their vision and to be able to gift a recipient with a one-of-a-kind item. We make sure each product we list on our site is made with care and love and to meet each customer's expectations. These bundle boxes are great gifts and make great graduation gift ideas for Teachers who just graduated to become special teachers. 

Go back to school with a bundle box this school year! Our bundle boxes also make future teacher gifts or a teacher in your family gift ideas year long. What will you give your teacher this year?


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