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"Behind the Scenes: The Inspiring Story of How Simply Spoken Small Business Took Flight"

Updated: Mar 25

Hey, y'all I am Melissa I'm the owner, founder, and creator behind Simply Spoken.

Simply Spoken was born in October of 2020 while I was going through a brain injury due to a pharmaceutical drug. I started to think my life and my abilities to run a business were over. Each day seemed like it was getting harder and harder for me to do normal activities like making recipes or just trying to be a mom to my two children. My energy levels were low and so was my spirit. I didn't feel like I had a purpose in my life especially when it was so hard just to get up each day.

I started to become very active on YouTube and in Facebook groups, which helped me. I started to reach out to others who were suffering like myself. I not only received support I also could give back and support others it truly was an amazing feeling. I decided in 2019 to create a Facebook group and a YouTube platform to help others through their journey as I also tried to make it through my own. It was so important that people connected because of me connecting in those groups and making friends I truly believe it's what kept me alive and for me to keep pushing through the bad days. I am happy and blessed to say I'm here today. What did it for me were the kind, small spoken, words that people would say to me in those groups that helped me carry on with mine. I wanted to give back as much to others who freely gave to me. That's where the name Simply Spoken originated from. Small words that meant big things, had the power to change how someone felt about themselves and or their situation.

I started while I was in groups making warrior bracelets these stretch beaded bracelets meant the world to me, I made them so that I could give them out to others to make them feel a sort of importance because, when you go through a pharmaceutical injury or a tough time in your life a lot of people you once loved start to separate from you. The people you cared about then started to disappear. You then begin to build a different kind of family. I noticed how my bracelets with simple words changed how people felt about themselves and how they felt about their situation. I couldn't take away the symptoms they were suffering with but, I could add some light to their struggles. It made me realize that in life it is about the small things that make the most difference and mean the most. My warrior bracelets I wanted others to wear and feel and know they were the true warrior.

As I started to improve I wanted to put small words that meant huge things on apparel, drinkware, keychains, tote bags, etc. When I create items and I see empowering and inspirational wording blasting all over each piece that I make it truly sets in an amazing feeling and I want my products to do that to others.

That's why most of my products are focused on awareness such as mental health, breast cancer awareness, autistic awareness, professions, and even inspiration.

I have a little boy 9 years old who underwent chemo for a tumor on his brain when he was 3 and my mom is a three-time cancer survivor herself. So those important people in my life also inspired a portion of my business.

I hope when you shop with Simply Spoken that you get the family aspect of the business that I want you to have as well as enjoy every product that we make. Family has always been important to me and a small business has been my lifelong dream. To build a family within your dream is such an amazing feeling. You build relationships with such amazing people that not only support your business but, they support your dream. I have met some of the most amazing people through my horrible yet blessed journey with illness and some amazing support since my business launched.

Always remember it doesn't take a lot to say one kind word to someone. That one kind word can change everything!

I love being a mother and a Mimi. I have a Boxer and am addicted to coffee! My favorite phrase is "Humble & Kind"

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