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Welcome to the Simply Spoken family, we are so glad you are here! I am a small Mama business that creates personalized gifts unique gifts such as snow-globe tumbler cups to glass libbys. I design T-shirts and have a pure love for handmade beaded charm bangle bracelets and gemstone handmade jewelry such as; beaded stretch bracelets. Every item that I have handmade and am currently making is to bring someone a sense of inspiration and to feel empowered. I started my brand with awareness and since have incorporated those special people that you shop for every year such as Mom, Dad, Aunt, and Sister,  into my brand along with professions such as Nurses, Teachers, and Military and I also offer custom options as well. Handmade bracelets are what created my brand and allowed Simply Spoken to be born. During my struggles with a temporary brain injury designing bracelets for warriors within my support group gave me a sense of hope, and inspired me to to help others around me. Each bracelet was given as a gift and helped me stay strong throughout my journey. Each simple word and every inspirational charm I added to each piece allowed a masterpiece to be created. Something about the words and phrases on bracelets, apparel, and drink-ware just felt like a piece of art mastered, and the inspiration and empowering message was such an amazing feeling to not only look at but to wear and to also gift to those who may have needed it more than myself. I started to focus my brand around more of a gift shop boutique I wanted a place where you can shop for your entire family no matter if it's their birthday a holiday or just an I care type of gift you are looking for. We have you covered in all areas. I will eventually add the little's to my store so you can purchase custom and special items for your kids or grand kids. Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your visit with us! 

Crafted with Care: Our Story

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